Deathloop (First Impressions)

Deathloop has been one of my most highly anticipated games for quite a while. There’s been many, many trailers, gameplay showcases, game developer updates and more (which could have been added to due to the release delay). However, before the game released this week I almost had Deathloop fatigue. But now, it is finally out! I actually forgot it was coming so soon, but I … Continue reading Deathloop (First Impressions)

Bethesda + Xbox Roundtable (What We Learned)

Last week, Xbox and Bethesda had a joint roundtable session after Xbox had acquired ZeniMax Media Inc along with Bethesda Game Studios and all of their studios (id Software, Arkane Studios, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Games and Roundhouse Games). It was very cool to see Phil Spencer and Todd Howard sitting together during the roundtable. I just feel like they are going to … Continue reading Bethesda + Xbox Roundtable (What We Learned)